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S.Lily, British historian of technology, noted for “the history of man and machine” called iron “the most democratic metal”.Since the encounter with iron enabled man to enter “the gate of civilization”, we might say world history has been accompanied by iron.

In the modern era, the volume of steel use serves as a barometer of civilization, while the change of industrial structure and progress of the information-oriented society promote being “software” of various types. Therefore the role of “hardware” played by a key industry forms a more clear and important base of society. TOWA regards the information-oriented society, which is trying to spin both wheels of hardware and software, as a big business chance.

TOWA started business specializing in cutting thick steel plates in 1967. Since then, with growing experiences and ideas, we have been manufacturing to meet requests from society and the modern era. With repeated introductions of high technology, such as industrial robots, and computers, we have extended our technical field to designing, sheet metal, welding, processing and press machine assembly, as well as cutting, and have started to smooth and stabilize steel supply.

This leads to business expansion into shipbuilding and construction related business, drawing extensive attention from Japan and overseas. TOWA would like to clarify its development oriented spirit and policy as a metal manufacturing specialist, providing high value-added products which take future needs ahead. Hoping to be youthful, powerful and helpful in the enrichment of the base of society.

President Takashi Higashide

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